a sampling of Project Angel Heart meals


Project Angel Heart chefs wear masks while chopping carrots

Coronavirus – What Project Angel Heart is Doing

At Project Angel Heart, our mission is to improve health and well-being for the people who receive our meals. And because our focus is on health, we’re closely monitoring developments related to coronavirus in Colorado.   Our clients, all of …

A Shot of Hope For Our Community

Our Denver kitchen and office space has always been a hub for community activity, a place where people come together to provide nutritious meals for Coloradans with life-threatening health conditions. This spring, our building in Denver’s Globeville neighborhood also became a COVID-19 community vaccination site.

Your Guide to Seasonal Produce in Colorado

Fruits and vegetables in season are fresher, tastier and more nutritious than out of season foods. Seasonal eating provides more variety and color in the diet. A colorful diet is full of many different nutrients that are essential for your body to function properly and help you feel your best!

All About Fiber!

There are many reasons to get plenty of fiber in your diet. Fiber helps keep you full longer and can help promote a healthy weight, keep your blood sugar steady, lower cholesterol, and improve heart health! Eating enough fiber also helps you avoid constipation and stay regular.

The Life and Legacy of Bill Johnson

When Bill first came to us back in 2001, he was a spry 77-years-old and looking for his next challenge. Bill was assigned a kitchen assistant shift on Tuesdays, and never looked back. He was always the first one in the door, making coffee for his crew, welcoming everyone in as they arrived — and telling jokes to keep things fun. Bill also knew his friends well, inquiring about activities or health issues they might be going through, and always offering words of wisdom.

Personalize your plate: Nutritious changes to our meals

March is National Nutrition Month® and Project Angel Heart has been working on some exciting and nutritious changes to our meals to help celebrate. This year’s theme is “Personalize Your Plate”, which means choosing foods you enjoy eating that honor your culture, family history, and personal preferences while picking foods that are full of nutrients and help support your health goals. Since we are always looking at ways to continue to support our clients’ health through the meals we prepare and deliver, we are introducing the following changes to our menus.

Three Tips for Better Heart Health

What we eat can help decrease our risk of heart disease or help us manage an existing condition. One organization that supports this approach to better heart health is the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Foundation. As part of its Healthy Hearts initiative, the foundation partnered with Project Angel Heart to fund deliveries of medically tailored meals for Coloradans living with cardiovascular disease.